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YONG JUN HYUNG - Album Vol.1 'GOODBYE 20's'

RM 78.00
- Photobooklet 128p
- Lyricbook 16p
- Photocard (random 1p among 12p)
- Polaroid (random 1p among 19p)
Optional add on: Poster (random 1p among 3p)
Release date: 2018.05.10
02. 무슨 말이 필요해 (Go Away)
03. 뜨뜨미지근
04. 소나기 (Feat. 10cm)
05. 컬렉션 (COLLECTION) (Feat. 백아연)
06. 사랑해
08. 견딜 만해
09. GOODBYE 20’s
10. 지나친 사랑은 해로워 (CD Only)
11. 그대로일까 (Feat. 헤이즈) (CD Only)
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