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TWICE - Twaii's Shop Official Goods

RM 25.00
A. Candybong Z Keyring
B. Candybong Z Cover
C. Candybong Z Pouch (white / black)
D. Candybong Z Badge (A / B / C / D)
E. Candybong Z Passport Case (white / black)
F. Candybong Z Phone Holder
G. Candybong Z Earphone Keyring
H. Big Meshbag
I. Waterball Phone Holder
J. Gel Candle
K. Badge (A / B)
L. Pin Brooch (yellow / blue)
M. Ecobag (white / blue)
N. Tumbler
O. Shirt (white / black)(M / XL)
P. T-shirt (white / blue / black)(M / XL)
Q. Clutch bag (black / white)
R. Beach Towel
S. Cashbee Card (A / B)
T. Twaii's Twicezine
U. Image Picket**
V. Trading card set
W. Photocardcard Binder Book (A / B)
X. Lenticular Photocard (A / B)
Y. Photobook by Dahyun
Z. Twice Monograph Fancy
1. Lovely Earphone Case**
2. Character Album Sticker**
3. Character Bookmark Set (Yes Or Yes / 올제잘 / Fancy)

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