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1. travel pouch (designed by NAMO)
2. wood pot stand (designed by JEONGYEON)
3. fur slipper (pink brown / sky blue)  (designed by NAMO)
4. candle warmer set  (designed by MOMO)
5. TO. ONCE FROM. JIHYO 2  (designed by JIHYO)
6. miguin pot (designed by MINA)
7. dubu spring note (designed by DAHYUN)
8. wallet (blue / silver / blue) (designed by CHAEYOUNG)
9. hair brush (designed by TZUYU)
10. candy bong
11. powerbank
12. passport wallet
13. slogan (ver. A / ver. B)
14. ecobag (ver. A / ver. B)
15. t-shirt (M/XL) (ver. A / ver. B / ver. C / ver.D)*
16. hoodie (M/XL)*
17. hoodie zip up (M/XL) (ver. A / ver. B / ver. C)*
18. stadium jumper*

*remarks size M / XL when checkout order
Order dateline: 2018.10.23 (might close order earlier)
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