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SNH48 - SNH48 FAMILY 第三届偶像运动会主题生写

RM 50.00
SNH48 FAMILY第三届偶像运动会圆满举办,成员们在运动赛场上尽情挥洒汗水的同时也展现出蓬勃朝气与青春活力。特此推出SNH48 FAMILY第三届偶像运动会主题生写!该款生写1Set4张+合影,合影生写的产出概率为买4包必中1包。


**如要指定成员生写set,请私信我们。Please contact us if you only want to purchase certain member photo set.
**Price exclude shared ems & local postage, need 2nd time payment when the goods reach, contact us for more info