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NU'EST - 2nd Album 'Romanticize'

RM 70.00
Version: For Good ver. / To Be Free ver. / This Moment ver. / After Glow ver. / New Romancer ver. (randomly send)
- Outbox (version)
- Photobook (52p / version)
- Lyric book (12p / version)
- Photo postcard (version)
- Bookmark (version)
- CD-R (version)
- Photocard (random 2p out of 110p)
- Personal photobook (12p / random 1p out of 5p / version / only for first press album)

Optional: Poster (random 1p out of 6p)
**Price exclude shared ems & local postage, need 2nd time payment when the goods reach, contact us for more info