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MINO - 2nd Full Album 'TAKE' (Limited Kit ver.)

RM 108.00
- Out box
- Title card
- Air kit
- Lyrics photocard *12
- Special goods drawing by MINO
01. Love and a boy
02. 도망가_Run away
03. Ok man (Feat. BOBBY)
04. Wa (Feat. Zion.T)
05. 하고싶어_I want to (Feat. meenoi)
06. Daylight
07. 어부바_ Hop in (Feat. DPR LIVE)
08. 펑!_Pow!
09. Click / Han river view
10. 교보문고_Book store (Feat. BewhY)
11. Sunrise
12. 이유 없는 상실감에 대하여_Lost in a crowd
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