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C4379 HYOMIN - 2nd Mini Album [SKETCH] .jpg

HYOMIN - 2nd Mini Album 'SKETCH'

RM 70.00
- Photobook 60p
- Photocard 2p

1. Gold 
2. Road trip 
3. Sketch (title) 
4. 아직은 
5. 우리의 이야기를 우리만 모르는 채 
6. Sketch (Chinses ver.) 
7. Sketch (Chorus ver.) 

Price_A: RM 70
Price_B: RM 90
* why the prices are different? Want to know more about price option? check at http://www.littleshop-04.com/pages/pricing 😄

RELEASE DATE: 18.03.2016