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GOLDEN CHILD - Repackage Album Vol.1 'Without You'

RM 76.00
- Booklet (80p)
- CD-R
- Special poster (Group 1p + member random 1p out of 10p)
- Special film (randomly 1p out of 10p)
- Photocard (randomly 1p out of 10p)
1.     Re-boot
2.     WANNABE
3.     Without You
4.     I Love U Crazy!
5.     느껴져 (Lately)
6.     나침반
7.     No Matter What (Jang Jun & TAG) Feat. Joo Chan
8.     문제아 (Joo Chan Solo)
9.     그러다 봄
10.  She's My Girl
11.  둘만의 천국 (Dae Yeol & Seung Min & Dong Hyun)
12.  Fantasia (Y Solo)
13.  도망가지마
14.  놓지 않기로 해 (Jae Hyun & Ji Beom & Bo Min)
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