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Please read clearly before you place order for fansite goods:

1. There will be 2 times payment. (1st time payment: item's price, 2nd time payment: shared EMS fee among buyer+ local postage)

2. EMS fee can't estimate, depend how many order we got. EMS fee share among all buyer goods which i send back that time. All customer share EMS, not only for certain item order,. We will try our best to make it as low as we can.

3. Shipment time is depend on fansite.

4. Strictly no cancel after paid, there will be no refund if you wish to cancel order

5. 2nd payment notice will be inform personally, you have to make payment within 7days after notice. If you failed to make 2nd payment within 7days and no show after my reminder, order will be cancel without refund. (To claim back your order, extra 50% of 2nd payment have to pay, if the goods still instock) 

6. If fansite failed to prepare goods, will refund to buyer once we get refund from them.

7. No refund if we unluckily met scam fansite. Purchase on your risk.